2018 National Convention - Calgary Signal Hill Policy Update

The Signal Hill Conservative Party Association Board, MP Ron Liepert and our Policy Chair, Steve McLeod, would like to take this opportunity to close the loop with you on our constituency policy consultation that began over a year ago, and in particular the results of these discussions at our exciting National Convention in Halifax!  Our grassroots, policy consultation process is a hallmark of the Conservative Party, and is one of the important opportunities to contribute that you enjoy as an active party member.  

Starting with our first public forum back in June 2017 and its followup session in November 2017, our Board consulted directly with our constituency membership as to what policy priorities you would like to see addressed by the Conservative Party.  A local policy committee comprised of Signal Hill Board members and members-at-large then drafted 10 proposals according to your priorities and thoughtful discussions along the themes of the Environment, Provincial Partnerships, Immigration and Refugees, and Foreign Affairs/Relations.  These proposals, along dozens of others from all participating Alberta ridings, were further amended, debated, and voted upon by party members in a vibrant weekend long "Alberta Congress" in Edmonton in Februrary 2018.  Two of Signal Hill's proposals received overwhelming support and were submitted for national discussion and ranking by all 338 Conservative riding associations across the country.  Approximately 80 policy proposals in total from coast-to-coast were ranked highly enough by boards like our own to be further considered at our National Convention in Halifax this past August 23-25, 2018.  While none of Signal Hill's proposals were explicitly among these 80, many of the successful proposals were so similar in nature that our delegation was pleased to lend our support in mutual collaboration and ensure we could give a voice to your priorities.   As you can see, this is quite a process and we were happy to be able to shepherd through as many of your ideas as possible!

Here are just some of the highlights of newly passed Conservative Party policy resolutions from Halifax that address what we heard in Signal Hill's member forums:


"We believe that there should be no federally imposed carbon taxes or cap and trade systems on either the provinces or on the citizens of Canada.  The provinces and territories should be free to develop their own climate change policies, without federal interference or federal penalties or incentives."


"The Conservative Party of Canada shall work with provincial and territorial partners to ensure the trade of beer, wine, and liquor across provincial borders is in line with the principles of free trade and that barriers to this trade are eliminated in the spirit of cooperation and efficiency."


"The Conservative Party believes in stopping all illegal entries into Canada.  To ensure the safety and the respect of our borders, the Party commits that a Conservative government will take the required steps to renegotiate the Safe Third Country Agreement with the U.S. to close the gaps relating to illegal entries in Canada."


"Subject to thorough security and health checks, we will work to realize these objectives among CANZUK countries:  a) free trade in goods/services, b) visa-free labour/leisure mobility for citizens including retirement relocation, c) reciprocal healthcare agreement modeled on existing AU/NZ/UK bilaterals, d) increased consumer choice/protection for travel, and e) security coordination."

Among some of the other successful proposals we supported on your behalf were an affirmation of free speech, eliminating foreign spending in Canadian elections, harmonization of inter-provincial professional credentials, support for pipelines to the east coast, increased competition in airlines, banking, and cellphones, and many others that we are confident reflect the feedback and conservative values our Signal Hill members expressed over the past year.

We would like to thank all the members who contributed to this process.  We look forward to providing you with further opportunities to contribute and updates as the party forms a positive, clear, principled platform for defeating the Trudeau Liberals in 2019.  

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